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Sea Buckthorn Rite


On Sunday 3rd September we are running a sea buckthorn harvest celebration and ritual. Meet at 10am for story and music sharing around the plant myths, followed by some sea buckthorn harvesting and syrup making. We'll share lunch, than follow this with a simple rite in the afternoon. All ages welcome.  

The shining orange of the sea buckthorn berry is known across the world, as 'liquid gold', 'holy fruit' or, in Latin hippophae, "shining horse". These are berries that were said to give strength and power to the flying horse Pegasus, and restore sight to blind horses, as well as to give them shining coats. They are one of the world's richest sources of vitamin C, and can treat a multitude of ailments, including colds and coughs, fever and inflammation; they aid digestion, improve blood circulation, and soothe pain. Gathering these berries in the late summer and making jellies, syrups or spirits is a powerful act of community nourishment and an invocation of health and strength.   

Please bring food to share for lunch, and, if you feel inspired, a song, story, poem or artwork on the theme of golden berries or flying  horses! We'll share these in the morning to move us into co-created ritual in the afternoon. 


10am - 4pm


Bluebells, Ditchling


We are not charging for tickets, but we would very much welcome donations to our field fund, which go towards maintenance of the field as a community magic-making space and the eventual building of an eco-storytelling shelter.  

If you'd like to take some sea buckthorn away with you, we're asking for £5 per berry bag to cover our tree tending costs! Please bring cash on the day. 

20 spaces available, so please let us know if you would like to be there.    

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